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What about COVID-19?

We care about your safety and we work hard to prevent the spread of infection. Before you enter the examining room, all surfaces, such as the dental chair, dental light, drawer handles and countertops, have been cleaned and disinfected. Non-disposable items like the dental tools are cleaned and sterilized between patients. Disposable dental tools and needles are never reused. Infection control precautions also require all dental staff involved in patient care to use appropriate protective equipment such as gloves, masks, and eyewear when needed. After each patient, disposable gloves and masks are thrown away. Before seeing the next patient, everyone on the treatment team washes their hands and puts on a new pair of gloves.

Your well-being is important to us. That's why infection control procedures are in place at our dental office.

With so many news stories, it's understandable to be concerned about the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Please know that the precautions we take EVERY DAY to prevent the spread of infection in our practice also helps prevent the spread of COVID-19.

If you are ill with flu-like symptoms, you should reschedule your appointment.

If you are healthy, there's no need to cancel your regularly scheduled dental appointment.


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Drawing for a new Sonicare Power toothbrush, Ultradent take home teeth whitening kit, and a Water Pik water flosser

[published: 11/23/2015] in Survey Rewards

We will put all the names of patients who have filled out the survey form, and who have included their name, into a drawing for fabulous prizes! The drawing will be on Tuesday, December 15. We will call the lucky winners and arrange for them to come pick up their prize!

If you have not filled out a survey yet, be sure to click on the Survey tab and fill it out. Please leave comments! Good or bad, we want to hear how we are doing!

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